Fort makers exhibition

Fort Makers: Quirky arts and collections


Your not-so-usual city attraction that offers unique artsy collections in New York, the Fort Makers, is an exciting place to check out. Established in 2008, the design studio showcases bold and colorful contemporary American art pieces. The venue offers exclusive and limited-edition artistic samples, handcrafted furniture, lighting, and sculptures. 

About Fort Makers

Fort Makers, co-founded by Nana Spears, Noah James Spencer, and Naomi S. Clark, includes Jane D’Arensbourg, Jason Bauer, Romina Gonzales, Tamika Rivera, Keith Simpson, and Shino Takeda. They are dedicated to creating inventive and playful modern pieces for collectors and art enthusiasts. Fort Makers shows different exhibitions every eight weeks, offering enthusiasts a different experience each time.

The first exhibit and concept shop opened in September 2019 at Manhattan’s Orchard St. Significantly, this area of the Lower East Side, along with Hester Street, has evolved to become a contemporary design hub. The art vibe and the artisan community have helped promote several art exhibitions around the neighborhood. 

Fort Makers’ name was birthed with forts in mind and how children play. The projects at this studio present fun, active and original concepts using different mediums and a lot of experimental ideas. Every art piece is created in-house and meticulously handcrafted by artisans. 

Quirky Finds At Fort Makers 

The art studio promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to art and furniture pieces and banks on creative expressions in its stage and product designs. The art studio and shop also offer artist collaborations and design partnerships on stage and interior projects. 

Guests can view and even purchase eccentric objects like ceramics, glassware, tapestry, and textiles to suit their modern lifestyle.

The studio’s contemporary and uniquely crafted furniture, lighting, and hardware are also great finds for those who are in for full, bold colors to add to their home space. 

There’s always more to discover every time at Fort Makers. Creativity always runs at this studio shop. This art store is an excellent place to visit on your New York City tour for those who have a knack for different kinds of contemporary finds.