game of 1000 boxes

Game of 1000 boxes: A live gaming experience


A thrilling social gaming experience in New York City, the Game of 1000 Boxes offers an innovative recreational experience for everyone. The leisure place is located at 37th Street between Midtown Manhattan’s 7th and 8th Avenues. 

The experience is partly a live game show and somewhat an audio-visual thrill ride. Lightbox and State Lottery Studios created this unique game concept. Since its opening in April 2019, it has drawn eager game show players who want to show their wits and skills.

The 360˚ gaming experience aims to provide an enjoyable experience for friends and strangers to interact and connect in a safe environment. Players Team up and compete against a three or four-player team IRL. The 12 exciting, high-energy games will test team efforts, wits, and agility. Games were designed to involve and challenge teamwork, decision-making, solving puzzles, answering trivia, and strategizing together. 

What To Expect in Game of 1000 Boxes

After participants book a schedule online, they can proceed to the game venue. The place doesn’t have anything attractive on the outside, but once you get inside, it’s a different setting altogether. The projection-mapped set presents 360˚ visuals that provide a thrilling experience for players. One out of the 1000 boxes will be picked randomly as a team prize at the start; the box can’t be won twice. 

They are given an hour to play the games that range from trivia to reaction-type games to team-building exercises. What’s even great is no game show experience is the same, so players can expect a different set of fun each time. 

At the end of the show, the team with the highest score wins one of the mystery boxes. Only after the 999 shows that top teams can have the chance to claim Box 1000. 

The Game of 1000 Boxes, according to Lightbox CEO Daphné Jouanneteau, will define the next generation of experiential.

It’s an attraction that is true to its promise of an immersive experience. 

So if you want to have the feeling of being in your game show with some friends, check out the Game of 1000 Boxes with your friends while you’re in New York

Credit Featured Photo: Secret NYC