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Things You Must Do in New York City


Setting foot in the Big Apple can be overwhelming for tourists who have limited time. NYC is a haven of urban sceneries, Broadway shows, and nightlife, and not being able to tap on all those experiences can be a miss of a lifetime.

NYC is named a “city that never sleeps” for a reason, and there’s always something to do day and night, from exciting pubs, upscale restaurants, and lush parks. Here are some of the things you must do to make the most out of your stay in the Big Apple.

Unleash your adventurous side in Coney Island.

Coney Island is notable for having the oldest amusement parks built established in 1824. One of the attractions that stands the test of time is Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. It was constructed in the 1920s and is now visited by tourists because of the thrilling Wonder Wheel experience. It is a famous ride where you can see the city lights of Manhattan and the rest of the island.

Coney Island in new york

If you are visiting from late June until late August, include fireworks-watching on your itinerary. It happens every Friday in Coney Island, where fireworks lit up the skyline. Whether on the sandy beach or high up the Wonder Wheel, you can surely Coney’s iconic fireworks display.

Be delighted in the neon streets of Times Square.

If you are energized by the crowd, color, noise, and lights, it will be a memorable experience to walk the streets of Times Square. Times Square is visited by 50 million people every year, and the reasons are apparent. Since the 1930s, neon lights graced Times Square’s shops, pubs, and restaurants that also became a trademark of NYC.

Times Square in new york

Though Times Square is generally the heart of NYC for shopping and food crawl, there are also free things to do that are equally delightful. On midnights, the billboards all over Times Square synchronize to display an art show. There are also entertainers singing and mascots you can take a photo with.

If you get tired of people watching, you can visit museums in Times Square like the Madame Tussauds, which houses 200 wax figures of significant people around the world.

Take in NYC’s beauty in the One World Observatory

NYC’s picturesque view is delivered to you by the One World Observatory located in the One World Trade Center. You can get to the 1250 feet view deck by an educational elevator ride where One World’s history is told in a virtual timelapse. You can have a clear view of Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, and New York Harbor up the observatory.

One World Observatory new york

The observatory is also near the historical spots of NYC and will take you only a few steps to visit. You can drop by the 9/11 Memorial, The Survivor Tree that survived the 9/11 bombing, and The Oculus.

Destress through the High Line and Central Park

A park stroll in NYC can be your escape in the middle of urban chaos. NYC boasts several parks you can visit, but the most notable are the High Line and Central Park.

You must walk strong along the 1.5-mile elevated walkway of High Line Park and take in the artwork installations of NYC artists. There are 11 entrances to get into High Line, and it has benches if you prefer to chill, eat and read.

Central Park New york

Central Park is another 843-acre attraction in NYC, having about 30 bridges to walk through, a zoo, and a castle. It is the most visited park in NYC since it opened in 1858.

Discover foreign communities in Little Italy and Chinatown

NYC is a melting pot of diverse cultures, so seeing streets dedicated to foreign immigrants is a norm. You can visit Little Italy and Chinatown in Manhattan for a walking tour and food crawl.

Little Italy is home to authentic Italian restaurants, fine wine, and imported goods. If you’re visiting in September, add to your itinerary joining the San Gennaro Festival.

Little Italy in new york city

Chinatown in NYC, on the other hand, offers an entirely different ambiance. There are about nine Chinatowns scattered in NYC, and about 150000 Chinese immigrants reside in the Manhattan area alone.

Visiting these towns enables you to meet people from other countries, not to mention the abundance of restaurants, cafes, charm shops offering affordable buys.

Learn history in the Museum Mile

Manhattan’s 5th Avenue is also called the Museum Mile because of the fair number of museums in the area. NYC is where you can see not only contemporary art exhibits but also aesthetically built infrastructures.

Spending a day in NYC museums will take you to the humble beginnings of the US and how NYC rose to be a progressive state.

Museum Mile in new york

­NYC has about 100 museums you can visit, and among the favorite spots are: